What your experience running PHPUnit tests could be...

A beautiful desktop test runner application built specifically for PHPUnit. Featuring an interactive test list, filters, keyboard shortcuts, and first party docker integration.

... compared to what it is now

A suboptimal command line experience that continually overwhelms you with a giant wall of output that is more frustrating to scroll through each time you use it.

Promenade offers you

Below is just a sampling of features that are already available. We have an endless backlog of ideas already in the works.

Interactive UI

With our interactive UI, you can click directly on tests and see their dumps, logs, error messages, etc.

Re-run Failed Tests

Quickly re-run only the tests that failed during the previous run to get all your tests passing quickly.

Docker Integration

Running your code through a Docker instance? Promenade can connect to your Docker containers directly.

Straightforward pricing

Every purchase includes a perpetual license that you can use forever.



Our perpetual license gives you free upgrades for 1 year, and you never lose access to those versions.

  • Available for macOS
  • License for two devices
  • Perpetual updates for 1 year
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